Book Review | One Kiss From You by Christina Dodd (Switching Places Series special) | Part 2 of 2

book review special

A back-to-back book review of the Switching Places series by Christina Dodd. Two books. Two stories. Two loves. Two ladies. Two men out for vengeance but finds true love instead.

This is a story based on pretentious situation out of necessity with two ladies who are complete opposites of each other find true love in two of the most excruciating unbelievable respectable men.

Historical bestseller Christina Dodd gives you the sensuous story of a meek companion who seizes her chance to live life to the fullest … 

Eleanor de Lacy must have been mad to agree to exchange identities with her stronger-willed cousin. Remington Knight is strong, ruthless and determined to marry the duchess of Magnus…and he believes that is Eleanor! Worse, Eleanor is charmed by Remington ‘s attempts to seduce her. But when he learns of Eleanor’s deception, this daring rogue will wreak havoc…upon her reputation and her heart.

Remington had expected a haughty, unbending aristocrat who would ensure his entrance into good society. But this “duchess” is a most pleasant surprise — modest, warm-hearted, endearingly awkward, and a delight to the eye. In short, she is exactly the sort of bride Remington could fall passionately in love with. If only he still had a heart… Read ONE KISS FROM YOU, the second in the Switching Places series, from Christina Dodd, the author you love

Book 2: One Kiss From You (in my opinion)

Eleonor de Lacy is someone who can be called the perfect companion. AND the perfect partner in crime since she agreed to this unreasonable inconcievable grand plan by her cousin, the duchess of Magnus, to PRETEND to be the duchess. She will be the distraction towards the vengeful handsome American businessman, Remington Merchant Knight. So, a Ms. Goody-two-shoes meets the Rogue-out-for-vengeance opera is about to unfold.

Remington perfectly decided that his fiancee is not to be trusted because all de Lacy’s are cowards, traitors, and murderers. (He isn’t being discriminatory here… probably.) He wanted to seduce and control “the duchess” to control the de Lacys. For what? Well, of course, good ole fashion REVENGE!

Unfortunately for him, he was the one who got seduced. His plan isn’t fool proof because he got fooled since the very first page. One more thing to remember is that, both of them are pretending on each other for selfish purposes. So, they get on their smoking hot kisses, foreplays and such. Ultimately, Eleonor finally found out what she wanted and she’s ready to grab manhandle he has. But, Remington is playing for keeps, even when all his perfectly (not so perfect anymore) well-laid plans are going down the drain. He would go and be content with pleasure.

After a few more balls to attend. A wedding that an evil step-mom tried to ruin. More love making. They finally found out the real criminal who got to murder 3 people but didn’t get to go to the gaol or even found out. Risk their lives for each other before making a mistake of saying they love one another. There goes the happy ending! (Yipeeeee!)


Hmmm. I believe that objectively, I justified giving a 4.5 star rating for the plot. Why? Because, even (as I have said before) historical romances have this cliche formula, this one has it’s unique taste of pretense. Moreover, the protagonists aren’t of dukes, prince or earls but of normal peerage (though Eleonor, might be considered noble). As what you would’ve concluded fromt the original summary and from my opinion of the novel, it’s a story that says in big black bold letters, ” REVENGE IS OVERRATED. MAKE LOVE NOT WAR!” Yes, sir! When the plot twists and unravels at the end, everything made sense. Everything went all according to plan. And everybody got what’s waiting for them. Karma goes around and smacks them ten times harder. d(>w<)d


Cheers to the characters! The characters are well developed. They are both witty and pretty much on par with each other. Eleonor became a blossoming rose and not just a wallflower. Remington finally understood love. Why not give a full star? The thing is compare to Madeline’s and Gabriel’s development. This one feels a little bit rushed. Probably because of the setting and the i-got-no-choice-but-to-accept-my-fate feeling I got from them. However, my favorite characters would probably be Dickies and Lady Gertrude, they are really good sidekicks but not really good guardians. (^_<)7


I’m quite satisfied with the ending. But, I still believe that it’s too predictable by far. Would’ve given it a full star if I didn’t predict what will happen at the end. However, as far as the events occuring and the funny scene that happened before the epilogue. Everything is pretty good! I would hope for another one but there are only two books in this series. (crying inside)


Finally, I finished this back-to-back review! Whoops not yet! In my honest opinion, I would recommend this book for a good casual read of historical romance. What I like? It might not be the aristocrats who are falling in love but sometimes it’s nice to know that unexpected circumstances and mistakes might lead the way to a happy ever after. One quest for vengeance can lead to true love. What I didn’t like? I feel that the novel could’ve been longer and felt it a little bit rushed towards the end. However, I can understand why that happened. But I would’ve just loved to see how they could’ve developed their feelings more and more each day than just in two weeks or less.

~For the whole series~

I would definitely recommend this series. I found out that you can read each book by itself and not be confused about it. The epilogue though would probably spoil the first book, if you ever decide to read it backwards. The first book compliments the second book and vice versa. So, it is advisable to read both of them. If I would have to choose between the two? I would definitely go for the first book! Madeline’s upbringing as the duchess just made her too funny everytime she tries to be a proper companion. Eleonor, however, is at an advantage on being a companion and then pretending as a duchess. Moreover, I believe that the development in the first book is more real than the rush development in the second. BUT the second one has more intense feel of danger.

THERE YOU HAVE IT! My back-to-back review of two books of a series in one day! I hope you like it! Give me your opinion~

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