Movie Review | Now You See Me (2013)

“The closer you, look the lesser you see.” –J. Daniel Atlas

VISUALS. Amazing! It’s like magic. Not that much of a 3D effects but the illusions are real like.

AUDIO/BGM/OST. For a movie like this, the music used is quite appropriate though not really memorable.

SCRIPT. The quotable quotes for each character are quite memorable. It seems like the scriptwriters are quite happy to give us some insight of magic and illusions. Thumbs up!

PLOT/STORY. The twists and turns of the whole movie is quite remarkable. I might’ve predicted the ending in a small way due to the clues that can be seen throughout the movie. But, I am still astonished on how the movie turned out.

ACTORS. The actors just made the movie the ultimate magic show. J Hands down to you all!

ENDING. A complete conclusion and a magical ending quite good for an illusion show that is seen in the big screen.

OVERALL. It is something exciting and fun to watch. A recommended movie!

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