Movie Review | The Lucky One (2012)

“You should be kissed every day, every hour, every minute.”

VISUALS. One of the few movies that made me realize, visuals isn’t everything. J

AUDIO/BGM/OST. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear anything that will be marked as memorable but the background is sweet and quite lovely.

SCRIPT. I commend the script writers for illustrating such nice screenplay from a serious love novel by Nicholas Spark. Hands down! 😀

PLOT/STORY. “The Lucky One” and so the story unfolds. Appreciation of life and love is seen as the main topic in this story. Something that you will forever be thankful like a simple good luck charm that saved your life not only once nor twice but thrice; a beacon of light to guide your way from all the harshness and darkness of life… a story that has originality with its own right.

CHARACTERS. Logan (Zac Efron)
is a symbol of life here; he goes on finding the girl in the picture which saved his life unexpectedly. He is like someone trying to find his way after a long and tiring road. Beth (Taylor Schilling)
is the symbol of light, a beacon of the lighthouse for someone who lost his way. This is something that I realize during the whole movie. With the characters here, you will see life unfold in front of you.

ACTORS. The actors did very well in conveying their character roles. Zac Efron
blooms into an actor worthy of Logan’s character. He showed something that I never expected. Something matured and quite sincere, honest and naïve but is a veteran of the difficulties life gives. Great job!

ENDING. The ending did not disappoint me in the least. It was something predictable but worth watching till the end.

OVERALL. I watched it twice with my best friends and another with a friend of mine who doesn’t like chick flicks, but never did get tired of watching it over and over. Thrice, the lines and quotes in the movies made me feel loved and envious at the same time. Though, it might still be room of improvements here. J

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