Movie Review | The Illusionist (2006)

A successful Romeo and Juliet film, if I might say so myself!

VISUALS. For a movie in the late 19th century, this has more than its fair share of tricks and treats. The orange tree, and those mirror illusion. They might not be the most unique but for an era where these type of illusion are quite rare or not yet existing. Awesome!

AUDIO/BGM/OST. For a love story full of magic and drama, the background music lacks a certain element. Nothing too memorable that I can hear but with the fast-phased scenes the suspenseful bgm makes you want to see more.

SCRIPT. How the writers made this movie successful makes me wonder, but to my amazement, even with certain similarities to “Romeo and Juliet”, this movie has a certain style and uniqueness.

PLOT/STORY. Story may not be all that original but it is a story of star-crossed lovers who did succeed in their disappearing act. A not-so-failed Romeo and Juliet movie with magic is one of a kind.

CHARACTERS. Eisenheim ftw! I don’t know but if not for his beautiful mind, the whole plot would not come through. I fell in love with his character over and over again throughout the whole movie. The other characters are quite valuable to the whole story but it is EISENHEIM who did everything like magic.

ACTORS. They are actors of actors. And the best actor goes to Eisenheim (Edward Norton)! Without acting out their roles within a role in this movie, the whole movie will fail.

ENDING. I never did like how stupid (forgive my wordings) Romeo and Juliet did with their disappearing act and everyone died. I love this ending way more better, with the happily ever after theme!

OVERALL. You might want to watch it with a friend or a loved one. But, it’s a movie worth watching.

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