Movie Review | Thor 2: The Dark World (2013)

Thor and Jane against all the end of the worlds… literally!

As you might see I did a very star-rating for easy reading and such. A small written summary c/o and clicking the picture will take you to the movie’s home page.

Alright, so let’s get started!!

VISUALS. The whole visual effects and such is nothing but amazing. It feels like everything is real like any other marvel movie out there.

AUDIO/BGM/OST. With an action packed movie, you will usually hear the BGM used for the fight scenes. With marvel movies, you might as well get used to it being played in the background, even during funny scenes.

SCRIPT. The funny scenes are thanks to the writers I presume. With the cameo appearance of Captain America, and Loki’s mischievous personality, the whole movie came alive.

PLOT/STORY. There is something quite unique in mixing both modern technology and mythology. Having a techy dark elf and mythical characters using modern “quantum physics” does make it interesting. For Norse mythology to be able to contribute to Armageddon also says a lot. So it might not be that original when it comes to “the-end-of-the-world” theme but has quite a unique way of having the story told.

CHARACTERS. I am a mythology fanatic and a marvel movie fan (though I didn’t really read the comic releases). So, all I can say is that with the characters’ personalities, they justified both fields. Thor is headstrong and courageous; Loki is quite the black sheep and infamous god of tricks; Odin the self-righteous and authoritative god of gods. The essence of these characters are shown and quite aggressively in the movie, which made me like them, especially Loki!

ACTORS. The actors are the same with the first movie, and they do their roles well. I might as well add, too well!

ENDING. Not quite satisfied but not quite disappointed, either. I did like that they didn’t kill off Loki just like that and that they did stop the-end-of-the-world. But, it is quite unclear whether or not there’ll be another sequel or let’s leave it like that till the next Avenger movie.

OVERALL. This is the kind of sequel that you don’t even need to watch the prequel. You might get confuse on who’s who first if you watch this before watching the first movie but the whole plot/story is quite different that it feels like it’s another arc. I liked it! I can recommend you watching it too.

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