NeverBeforeSeenBlog | Public Announcement | November 2013

Hi people!

There are different types of natural disaster that has come to my country (i.e. earthquakes and typhoons). I also got sick and a little too busy for my own good but…

After more than three months of rest, I am ready to upload my works!!
I’ll be scheduling upload at least thrice a week of movie reviews and some extras.
I’ll be having a new format to make sure that my reviews will be more readable and simple.
I’ll just do an overall review with a line or two for each part while retaining my star ratings.
Sample star ratings would be:


And a synopsis/summary of the movie review.
I hope this will help me improve my audience impact with my reviews about certain movies. 😀

I am praying for everyone who got involved and directly affected by these disasters. They need all the help they could get and hopefully all the help will get to them asap.

I am so thankful for those international donors, especially those artists from different field who donated more than enough. ❤

From the bottom of my heart I thank you, on behalf of all my fellow countrymen.

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