Movie Review | Gone (2012)

A woman is convinced her kidnapper has returned when her sister goes missing.
Director: Heitor Dhalia
Writer: Allison Burnett
Stars: Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter, Wes Bentley

Another, psychologically challenged movie! I finally got the chance to watch this. I first thought that it was like the movie “I Know Who Killed Me” but that’s where I’m wrong…


1Visual/Special Effects: 

Not much of a special effect, but there are minimal. This is a suspense thriller from the get go and more of mental headache than action pack which only concludes that there won’t be any Harry Potter style of special effect. Nevertheless, there is still some.


It does have a good BGM for such a very talkative but fast-phased movie. Though, there aren’t any memorable part. So, my score says it all.


I know who you are and I know what you did…” And that’s the only line I could remember. LOL. Anyways, the whole script is commendable if you take time to listen and decipher what the HELL happened? LOL. It plays on your mind and they really put on some extra characters that are really confusing.


The whole story has its own uniqueness which might be subtle but true. The events succeeding each story is a little bit predictable but the characters because of confusion becomes more suspecting. What I can say is that, it did make me think during the whole movie how to make clues and hints come together to point out who the abductor really is and where her sister might be.


So we have Jill (Amanda Seyfried) the main character who’s said to have PTSD due to the fact that she was kidnapped and holed up for almost a week. I do love her character. She got spunk and a sense of justice. There comes her sister, the detectives, and Billy the villain. LOL. Not much can be said with the others though. The sister is kind and full of match making ideas, the dectectives do not believe Jil, well except for Peter Hood (who I first thought was the villain. LOL) and finally Billy really has a loose screw.LOL. But all in all they make a nice bunch of characters for a suspense mystery thriller movie bordering to psychotic.


To be honest, I’m pretty familiar with Jill (Amanda Seyfried) and she’s a really great actress. I really like her role in any movie she plays, especially when she plays lead. LOL. I’m not overall familiar with the other casts except for Peter Hood (Wes Bentley) but I understand that some really played in some role with other popular movies like Dark Knight: Rises and Captain America. So the cast was good but not that great.


Predictable but yes, it is good! I predicted whatever happened in the climactic ending but not who was the real abductor. LOL. I always thought it was the police detective Peter Hood but I’M WRONG!! Anyways, I give it a high score because I love how she made herself look mad to make sure that no one will ever open the case and make her a murder. But, after some months or so, she sent an anonymous mail with pictures about where to finally FINALLY find the hell hole she’s been in.


Well, I did enjoy watching it and I might recommend it to those who wants to play detective during the whole movie. But some scenes are confusing and some scenes took longer than necessary. But in an overall point of view, this is one hell of a chasing movie.

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