Movie Review | Vanishing on 7th Street (2010)

The population of Detroit has almost completely disappeared, but a few remain. As daylight disappears they realize that the Dark is coming for them. Director: Brad Anderson Writer: Anthony Jaswinski Stars: Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo (Source:

I love psychological and sci-fi genre of movies. But THIS ONE, just IS NOT my cup of tea! щ(ಥДಥщ)


2.5Visual/Special Effects: 

There’s not much of a visual or special effects in this movie. Well, there is but just the shadows which is not too great to comment on. Well, the vanishing itself is also good effect but it’s just minimal. The light and shadow plays maybe good but still too little to say anything.



They are in the diner/bar so yeah, there’s this jukebox singing a lot of different songs. The thrilling BGM maybe the only thing that will save this film’s score. But with the OST and such, I don’t think they have high potential for high scores.


More often than not, I don’t understand things they are talking about. I’m really fond of memorable quotes but with this movie my heart broke. (T_T) I don’t usually try to find memorable lines in movies, they come to me, but to tell you the truth, the only memorable part here is the names of the main characters, the street, and even their reference to Croatoans. I’m too dissatisfied to comment on this.


Confusing!!! @_@ Oh my gosh! I didn’t get at all their references to a Croatoans  and I don’t understand how the hell did the reset came to that. Furthermore, though it may seem interesting in the beginning, it became quite boring and less logical in the middle up to the end. (=,=;;)> I don’t really know whether to bang my head or destroy my tablet by the time the movie ends. The story may explain everything (well, is that everything? I don’t think so!!) at the end, but it doesn’t make the audience understand. I don’t like it. Nevertheless, I’ll give a simple score for peeking up my interest at the beginning. BUT REALLY, this is one hell of a disappointment.


The characters are all paranoid (who wouldn’t be if you saw everybody get eaten by the darkness). Though, with just 5 people moving around the whole story and some, I might say that their personalities clashes. I can’t help but pity those characters who died first. But in a biblical sense, if you put in their names and their personalities, it just didn’t match up. However, I do commend howreally practical and resourceful Luke and Paul had been. They made sure they survived, at least until the very end. LOL


I think that casts isn’t really famous as far as I am concerned. But, they did a great job acting with fear and paranoia, considering that they are the only ones in the set. The casting can be considered great even. Good job! 


I didn’t like how they made the ending. Not because of he left but because it was as if you really can’t escape your destiny even if you try. The whole world reset I got that but why the hell did it have to live a little boy and a little girl to fend for themselves. Though, I understand that the whole movie tests your faith but still didn’t justified the end.


This is an apocalyptic movie just like 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow but it was not as thrilling and action packed as the other two. I might enjoy the movie more if they made any reference that make sense, instead of just stating about “Croatoans” which did not made any sense to me even when I tried to research it.

I wouldn’t want to re-watch it and put myself on a 2 hour torture again. щ(ಥДಥщ)

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