Movie Review | She’s Out of My League (2010)

An average Joe meets the perfect woman, but his lack of confidence and the influence of his friends and family begin to pick away at the relationship. Director: Jim Field Smith Writers: Sean Anders, John Morris Stars: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve and T.J. Miller (Source:

I don’t really know what’s happening, and I’m currently on a marathon of 2010 movies. But, at least this is a chick flick and not a psychological one. Well, this is a romantic comedy with so many lessons good for people who have… insecurities. (^▽^)


0Visual/Special Effects: 

Really, this is a rom-com and in need of no visual effects. But, still it’s included in my review format, so what else can I do? Anyways, this movie can just stand on it’s own even without massive visuals or special effects. So, don’t get me wrong or sue me for giving this score. へ(>_<へ)


Well, I love the BGM and OST being played during the movie. I even sing-a-long with some of them (they are quite familiar). Especially with, Coming Home (The 88) and Over My Head (The Fray). This is the very reason why I LOVE romantic comedies! They make great OST. LOL


Considering this is a romantic comedy. Having some really illogical lines are good and funny. The script came out with almost real life dialogues and even real life events that maybe faced by those people with… insecurities. So my hat’s down on you Mr. Sean Anders and Mr. John Morris. I just hope you didn’t do the same mistake that Kirk (Jay Baruchel) did. LOL.


As I was pointing out, since the very beginning. This movie is great for those people with … INSECURITIES!!!! Alright, the plot or story is close enough in real life between those people with inferiority complex and relationship issues. The characters are quite conscious about their rating that they take for granted what is freely given, like LOVE, duh?! So, through the ups and downs and the avalanche of emotional problems between the two main characters, and some, made the whole movie quite a unique one in its own way. The plot is quite straight to the point but with some of the twists that’s happening right before you eyes, you get really interested and forget that this is just like any other chick flicks. However, it is too predictable even with those turns that’s going on which might be a little ironic but true.


Well, the characters do act their part especially with their personalities. And, they are as close to those you seem to be friends with in real life. There will be the insecured one in the group, the cute one, the chubby but wise one, the critique, and others. Even the family of Kirk is one hell of a laugh trip. It’s because of the characters that made me love this movie.


To be honest, I’m not familiar with the casting. Well, maybe for a few, they look familiar like T.J. Miller (Stainer), Kyle Bornheimer (Dylan), and Krysten Ritter (Patty). But for whatever reason I love how they came up with the casting. And, they did great considering all the characters have their own attitude problems and inferiority complexes.



Good ending. Not too unique, because you do know that in a romantic comedy genre, it’s always a funny happy ending. So, it’s cool but yeah too predictable. Though I am satisfied with how they made compromises and accept each other’s flaw.


I might be persuaded to re-watch it sometime but if given a chance, I would still choose another movie with the same genre. I’m satisfied but not that satisfied to put this on my favorite list.

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