Manga Addiction| Sneak Peek | Oresama Teacher – Chapter 29


Disclaimer: Photo from Manga

Long time no post! Anyways, I was having trouble with my internet connection, but I think it’s alright now! (^_^v) So, here’s Oresama Teacher Chapter 29 sneak peek.

I was having a great time reading avidly and laughing my head off that when I finally got to this specific chapter, I was pretty envious with the oblivious Mafuyu. She really is charismatic and that almost everyone (in my own point of view, is falling in love with her one by one  (。♥‿♥。) but for her and them… (-_-)ゞ゛) adores her with utmost respect.

In the past chapter 28, Mafuyu came back to her hometown and want to visit her friends/follower of Higashi High but was thinking too much on how Kouhei (the current Banchou and former #2) would react. This leads her to different speculations and dilemma when Sakurada found her and they talked with each other about the current insecurities of a former banchou (which would mean the leader of a group of deliquents). The funny thing in this scene would be, Mafuyu would not come with Sakurada because there is no sense in it (although, Sakurada has an ulterior motive for cheering up Mafuyu) so, he decided to dress up as a girl again (which would be his talent really! He looks like a girl more than Mafuyu or any other girl for that matter… (#+_+)) After dressing up nicely in a kimono and such, they went to the festival and was seen by Kouhei and the gang. Kouhei didn’t took it well.

Alright! Now, in this chapter, the whole Higashi gang decided to invite Mafuyu (who of course loves to finally get a chance to be with the gang) to play. They met at a park and Kouhei was really late. When he finally arrived, it was as if Mafuyu is his arch-nemesis and no his beloved banchou. (Guys! When jealousy strikes! LOL) So, Mafuyu tried everything to find out why Kouhei is acting so strange, so she talked with Yuuto (the former #3 now #2 deliquent in Higashi). Yuuto (who is also really FOND of BDSM (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) and had a picture of himself being tied down in somewhat past chapters, which was censored and I really laughed by then) told her that Kouhei saw her and Sakurada on the festival before he acted strange. This made Mafuyu think (really hard) then they both decided to give Kouhei a souvenir, which is a wooden key chain with a really WEIRD character (I feel sorry for Kouhei (-_\) but then…). Kouhei was happy then sad then depressed when he saw the key chain that Mafuyu couldn’t help but lean out and be found out. LOL

When they stared at each other for a few pregnant seconds, the tension sky rocketed. And, Kouhei challenged Mafuyu (to an ice shaving contest… really Kouhei, ice shavin?!). The prize would be for Mafuyu to follow a certain request from Kouhei if he wins, and for Kouhei to tell the truth why he acts so weird if Mafuyu wins.

Let the contest begins!

Now let us end it… LOL. Kouhei was finally in his last bowl of ice shaving when heat stroke came about him. Mafuyu (who was in her third to the last bowl) was so worried that she disregarded the contest when Kouhei collapsed. Kouhei who is now not thinking quite straight, decided to come clean and tell Mafuyu the truth (which made the whole contest void, LOL). And, as you can see in the above pic, I really love how the mangaka drew Kouhei, and I sure hope someday someone’s going to tell me the exact same words he told Mafuyu (though Mafuyu really has everything in upside down, LOL, I laughed really REALLY hard on the next page, read the manga to know why, (*≧艸≦) I AM NOT TELLING YOU! LOL). So right then and there, Kouhei and Mafuyu finally got over with their differences. And Mafuyu decided to play with the whole gang the next day, which was an EPIC FAILURE, because Yuuto said, they can’t come because they will be camping tomorrow.

Now, that is one hell of an ending! Well… at least for the chapter. XD And, now off to the next chapter~ What can I say, this manga is keeping me alive nowadays! ~(^_^~)

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