Random Rantings #23

New Year is just around the corner…


What’s your New Year’s Resolution?


I got so many, I don’t know if I could do everything. Oh, well, never say never.


So, I’ll be posting a New Year’s Special Photo tomorrow! Just to greet you Happy New Year!


But, first!! How was your day? It was fun and tiring (I think I am being overly tired this time round, I really don’t know why…?!) yet it was really fun. Oooooh, I also bought a bookmark that’s themed Help Me which is quite right if you saw it, I’ll post a picture of it next time. And, I also bought two Christmas cards (really late but WTH better late than never) which I’ll be giving and sending to two special persons.


That’s all for now, wait for my special occasional random rantings posts tomorrow! ^_^ 

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