Watching | Sukitte Ii Na Yo – Episode 11


*sigh* I know, this is far too late because the next episode will be released soon, but here it goes… Episode 11 of Sukitte Ii Na Yo.

This episode centers about the upcoming date of Mei and Yamato at Lands (an amusement park). However before we go to that specific event, we have a very valuable lesson that will be taught by Yamato.


LOL. I couldn’t help but try to remember if I’m looking up or down when someone’s feeding me! ~(^_^~)


Anyways, that’s during lunch time, a day before they went to Land’s. Then the very next day, they went to Land and a funny scene occurred.


Phew! Yamato’s expression is somewhat really funny and the seriousness of Mei finally made me laugh my head off. Right, you might call me crazy… yeah, go on… call me crazy! LOL. It’s just that Yamato made me realize how perfect he is in a sense that he can tell a girl all the right words at the right time; while, Mei (the oblivious girl) gets to be the perfect girlfriend without even trying hard. Boys and Girls, we must learn from these two people. (>_<)v

So they finally went on a date… just the two of them… or so it seemed.


I told you jut the two of them… plus the family~ LOL

Okay, so they still tried to date normally with Nagi (Yamato’s younger sister) tagging along. Well, for me it seemed as though they are in one hell of a family outing. Going on, when evening came and Izumi got tired, they finally settled in a hotel suite. And, the sweetest scene that I would’ve wanted to experience with someone special comes to mind.


Yes, sometimes, we girls just want warmth and tenderness coming from you guys. REALLY!

Okay, so this ended up with Mei waking up alone in bed and Yamato just walking out of the bathroom. Watch it so that you can watch the next scenes. LOL

Now, we go to how Megu-chan is treating her friends and how her so-called-friends really see her.


Yes, Megu-chan… FRIENDS are not slaves nor pets, who you can jut tell them what to do! Remember that… (~_~#)

Alright, back to Mei woking up and Yamato getting a call from his cellphone after walking out of the bathroom… THEY CAN’T GET IN TOUCH WITH KITAGAWA! Yes, Megu-chan has gone missing after the incident with her so-called friendships. Well, can’t blame them… Megu-chan is just too controlling, too possessive, too authoritative, and too arrogant for a friend. The End of this episode.

I can’t believe I made this too short for my taste. @_@ However, that covers the whole episode, and I’ll just wait for the next one. I might not like this episode but hey, Yamato got my heart beating back instead of Kai. So, this is fine… I gues?? Anyways, till next post!

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