Watching | Sword Art Online – Episode 24


Hullo guys! Long time no update here… I know I know… SAO just finished last Sunday (Dec. 23), no worries, I’ll be posting two SAO reviews today. And, tomorrow will be for Sukitte Ii Na Yo and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. So, let’s fast track…

This is the second to the last episode of Sword Art Online. This is episode 24 and it all started after Kirito and Yui got transported to the top of the World Tree (Yggdrasil, finally got to remember the name of the tree ~(^_^~)). There, they saw the crossing branches leading to a single golden bird cage (which would be the prison of Asuna, duh!) So they dash across the branches (or pathways) and went there to finally find who they are looking for… for about 8 episodes now, LOL.


awww One Happy FAMILY!!! ❤

Then, this specific sweet moment was destroyed by one spicific person, Sugou (Oberon). (=.=#)

He created a gravity field under Asuna and Kirito, Yui got thrown into another server, and he made a very VERY creepy face.


I told you, he’s creepy!!!

Anyways, he stabbed Kirito at the midsection and tear down Asuna’s clothing (<—- you can see in the lower right photo). He plans to rape Asuna in front of the injured Kirito (in game and off game, dude, you are so SICK!). During this moment, while Sugou is having his villainy monologue, Kirito is being psychologically (or telepathically) spoken to by Kayaba Akihiko (creator of SAO). [It’ll be explained later and in the next episode why he is alive but not alive.]

Alright, after the spiritual meeting between Professor Kayaba and Kirito, Kirito finally got his guts back and decided to stand up (with a sword stabbed in his stomach) while the gravity field is still in effect. (Oh Gawd, that must’ve hurt.. A LOT… @_@).

Then this awesome scene was shown.

Now, that’s what you call an epic monologue, Kirito! LOL

And, then the most interesting scene followed. Kirito decided to take control of the whole game by using Kayaba’s admin pass of SAO “Heathcliffe” (<—which would also be Kayaba’s character name in SAO and the Commander of the Knights of Blood). This overrode Sugou’s administration powers and made him harmless (literally). Kirito decided to give Oberon a taste of what he’s experimenting at by moving the pain absorber to “0” which means realistic sense will take over (you’ll feel everything just like how it would feel in the real world.) Then, my favorite scene EVER, call me grotesque but WTH Sugou/Oberon definitely deserved it.


I love that screen shot ^. Ψ(`▽´)Ψ

And then, finally Kirito helped Asuna get down from her bondage and hugged her. He decided to force logged out Asuna to make sure that she would wake up on the real world. Then, before he could log out on his own, Kayaba decided to materialize and give him “The Seed”.


That’s when Kayaba said, the choice would be for Kirito to decide. Will he destroy or nurture the seed? And that they will meet again soon.

Back at the real world, Kirito will go to Asuna’s hospital with Sugu’s blessing. End of Episode 24. Next up would be the final episode. ^_^

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