Movie Review | Rurouni Kenshin (2012)


Director: Keishi Ohtomo
Writers: Nobuhiro Watsuki (manga), Kiyomi Fujii (screenplay), and Keishi Otomo (screenplay)
Stars: Takeru Sato, Emi Takei and Yû Aoi

I finally got to watch this movie!!! Kyaaaaaaa~ I just got home and I am itching to tell you my experience while watching this! (^_^)v

4Visual/Special Effects: 

I would love to give it a perfect score as a Japanese movie otaku but as a critique I must give it a rating as objective as possible. There’s not much of a visual effects but that just makes the movie much more realistic. It combines modern and traditional “flying effects” and “sword fighting” styles that we usually see in historical Japanese, Korean, and Chinese movies. However, due to the combination of the old and new productions, it became much more realistic and not over exaggerated like those of other historical movies.


This part makes me want to weep with joy! I love the music which usually gives the mood for the scene which is on screen. As what I’ve said above, the whole movie uses both traditional and modern style. The BGM playing during specific scenes maybe usual with historical movies but you can say that they did well in choosing them. I felt the intensity of the mood with some scenes because of the music, I also felt laughing a lot in some humorous scene because of it. The ending song “The Beginnings” made me want sing-a-long even without knowing the lyrics and hearing it for the first time. (That’s definitely one of the fine points in Japanese movies…the OST!)


I really fell in love with the movie and it’s not just because Nobuhiro Watsuki helped out in it. I fell in love with how much realistic the movie is but still retain the original story of the anime/manga. It’s like really seeing the anime characters come alive. Furthermore, the whole script I must say is very detailed and has combined the OVAs and the TV series most excellently. And, there are still the quotable quotes like “…live and die by the sword”; “nobody is not worth saving”; “…a killer will always be a killer”. I definitely love it! They made some changes in some part but it just made the movie greater!


Whoa! Do I need to rate this? Yeah! For me, it’s an epic movie and a success for the Japanese movie industry! Rejoice fans, I will be giving it a perfect score! I was like…”whoa…”,”oh my…”, “it’s just like the anime…!” Yes, I know it’s not really good comparing different industries (film and animation) ; however,  if an otaku watches an epic remake of his/her favorite anime… s/he will always be an otaku. Say no to that! I was amazed how story revolves around 8 or more episodes of the anime series and about 1 or more volume of the manga with just 2 hours and 10 mins. of movie time. The compression of the story and the combination of the OVA and Anime TV series doesn’t make it looks like any more dull or second rate. It actually made the story more interesting and detailed. I can’t wait for more! I hope they make a second movie or even a remake of the Live Action!


Don’t make a face! This is a very objective rating! The characters is really alive! Saito still made me hate him with his arrogance (I think I just hate him here in Samurai X, I didn’t hate him in Hakuoki)Kaoru, as usual bites more than she can chew but still is naive and tender hearted as before; Megumi still is beautiful and sly, also brave and insecure; Sano, still a street fighter and war freak, but he’s as strong as his yell and I love his paddle (though, I think it’s still supposed to be a sword… @_@); Yohiku, still as bratty as ever and as chibi as ever (LOL) but still as brave and loyal as he was in the animation; and, Kenshin still makes my heart jump whenever he goes into “battousai mode”; he’s still as funny and selfless as before, and still cold-hearted whenever those he sees as family is being bullied. The other characters, especially the antagonists are still as villainous as in the anime/ova/manga.


I would say excellent job guys! The feelings and emotions are being transmitted to the audience from the artists that played the roles. I can’t say anything but WOW! I would definitely let Takeru Sato star in the remake of the Live Action (if ever there will be!! Hopefully!).



The ending has yet to be concluded because as far as I can tell the whole movie is revolving around from the OVAs (Trust and Betrayal; Reflection) and the Anime TV series (episodes 1-12 at least). The ending is just the beginning which is also a cliff hanger. However, because I want another movie and a remake of the Live action, I won’t give it a perfect score; instead, I’ll let myself hope for another movie and hope that there’ll be a far more unpredictable ending.


I will definitely re-watch the Anime TV series, OVAs, and the Live Action series. I love this movie for inspiring me to watch again some epic anime and read their manga; but I also hated it because… dang!… why’d they have to make it so GREAT! Now, I am too restless not to re-watch anything involving, SamuraiX/Kenshin Himura/Rurouni Kenshin. So this is a highly recommended watch!!!

Go to your nearest cinema and watchi it! NOW! m(>.<)m I bow down to you Keishi Ohtomo and Nobuhiro Watsuki Sensei!

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