Watching | Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun – Episode 11


As promised, this is my review/summary for Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 11, entitled “The Yamaguchis’ Son, Kenji“. This is an episode with an in depth view of Yamaken‘s day-to-day happenings and perspective of the current happenings. (I really love Yamaken! <3)

Alright, as you have seen or watched last episode 10, Yamaken has saw the light and now truly understand the depth of feelings he has for Shizuku. Haru (<—-he IS a sadist!!!! I’ll explain later. LOL) threatened to push Yamaken (<—- I THINK he IS a masochist!!! Just a thought, LOL) on the balcony if not for Shizuku calling out to Haru.

Untitled Untitled3

Now, Shizuku and Yamaken is going into the very same preparatory school (which Haru does not really approved of). Haru is full of jealousy and insecurity that he always follows Shizuku around like a puppy. Moreover, whenever Yamaken and Haru meet… all hell breaks loose… LITERALLY!


Guys can relate to this. “DON”T TOUCH MY HEAD!” (^_^)v

Untitled 5

1st scene: Yamaken goading Haru
2nd scene: Haru threw a can and hit Shizuku
3rd scene: Shizuku the pissed off goddess *shivers*

Now then, after Shizuku got mad and told Haru to get out of her line of sight. She and Yamaken finally wentinto their classroom. And the following scene happened.

Yamaken's lecture about the two species of human beings. LOL

Yamaken’s lecture about the two species of human beings. LOL

Untitled 7

Yes, guys can relate to this as well. “SHE CALLED ME APPEALING. I CAN’T HELP BUT DO A KILLER SMILE”. LOL Go Yamaken!

Alright, you might ask what happened here. Remember the time when Haru touched Yamaken’s hair? He didn’t actually touched it, he PUNCHED it. @_@ So, Yamaken got a bump and Shizuku felt quite guilty about everything that she touched Yamaken’s hair (Yamaken got really speechless). Then, Yamaken explained that Shizuku (<—-really oblivious girl) and Haru (<—-the suspect) are really for each other. Because there are two types of people (the DUMB and the SMART), while both of them are in the DUMB category, Yamaken is in the SMART/Elite category. Then, he also told Shizuku that Haru is just jealous, which leads us to why Shizuku told Yamaken that he is appealing (can’t argue with that! kyaaaa~ <3) Yamaken is in shock (see the upper right picture) and then after school he is grinning like an idiot. LOL


Alright, as you might know, Yamaken is almost perfect except for one specific problem. HE’S SENSE OF DIRECTION! He can get lost even in his own backyard. (Dang it, Yamaken, try to use Google Map! Just kidding!) Anyway, while on his way to the taxi bay, he got lost and look who he found.

Untitled 8

Untitled 9

I told you he IS a SADIST. LOL. But hey, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do right? RIGHT?! (=____=#)


untitled 8_5

Chibi Yamaken (Left) and Chibi Haru (Right). Kyaa!

Untitled 10


There! And after Haru’s threat, Yamaken kicked Haru and told him…”You have to try better than that!” (LOL, I told you he is a masochist!) So, it’s a really cute and funny episode for Yamaken with all his reveries and thoughts. Moreover, I finally got this post published!! FINALLY! Let’s celebrate!


I am waiting for the next episode!!! Ooooh! Till next post!

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