Watching | Sword Art Online – Episode 23


Don’t worry Kirito! This is a dilemma of almost everyone!

Now we know why Kirito acted that way towards Suguha. Oh, this is Episode 23 of SAO and it started right of during the confrontation between Kirito and Suguha (episode 22).

Well, to tell you the truth, I couldn’t post too many pics because if I do that I’ll be spoiling to much of the great scenes in this episode. So, I recommend you watch it!

Anyways, after the confrontation, Kirito decided to reminisce his childhood memories since he was 10 years old. You’ll understand there how he became addicted to gaming and such. You’ll also understand why he feels more alive during in-game than in reality. We can all relate on his reasoning on why he plays MMORPG. (Especially the gamers! Yay!(ノ≧∀≦)ノ) Furthermore, you’ll realize how much of an emo, Kirito can be! LOL


Go! Go! Kirito-kun! Go represent the otaku gamer’s community!! ❤

After that trip down to memory lane, Kirito thought “What can I do for Suguha?”, then decided to ask Suguha for a date— oops! sorry, I mean to meet him at the north-terrace-of-somewhere (I forgot the exact location, apologies, m(_ _)m) And then, he left for ALFheim again.

When Leafa logged in, Recon (Nagata Shinichi, he’s Suguha’s classmate in real lifewas waiting for her at the gate (the gate with the two guards below the Tree). To tell you the truth, Recon/Shinichi is obviously in love or has a crush with Leafa/Suguha who is a little oblivious to the fact due to her love for Kirito/Kazuto. When Recon asked why the Spriggan isn’t with Leafa, she became emotional and cried (I really want to experience in-game crying!) and that’s when Recon decided to make a move. I don’t know whether to pity or say job well done with Recon. However, it did ended up making Leafa smile again, so thumbs up dude!


I must say you move really REALLY FAST there, Recon! LOL

Oh! Before anything else, the kiss didn’t came because Leafa gut hit Recon. HAHAHA (*≧艸≦) Oh well, poor Recon went flying down the stairs but he did made Leafa smile and went back to her original self.

Alright, Leafa decided to go to the north-something-place where Kirito is waiting and the scene that follows is a really good battle scene (no spoiler picture, got really tuned into it and forgot to capture it). But, the funny thing is, both decided to throw away their weapons when the final blow came. (<———–remember they threw their weapon, so where’s the final blow??)


I don’t know whether to say this scene is sweet or just feel pity for Leafa-chan because of her unrequited love. ~(>_<~)

Soon after, they decided to make-up and do the adventure quest again inluding Recon. Strategy A: Kirito is the main tank and damager while Leafa and Recon will be the healer/support. Unfortunately, this failed. Strategy B: All out attack! but this too failed. Strategy C: Recon’s sacrifice <——this made Recon looked so heroic to Leafa! Go get him dude, oh, you’re dead, sorry! However, Strategy C did manage to make a hole in the middle where Kirito tried to went through but to no avail. (Oh, dude! This is an unbeatable quest, Yui  will tell you later.)

Now, the mobbing sentry is multiplying faster than the speed of light and Leafa is also in danger now.


Scene 1: Kagebunshin technique in ALFheim Online
Scene 2: Good thing your here, Sakuya and Alicia! Better late than no show at all!

After the epic battle with the multiplying sentry and the Cait dragoons and the Sylphs, Kirito finally got past everything with a single skill (which pretty looks like Rising Storm skill of WindWalker character in Dragon Nest  or is it just because I’m addicted to that game??).


Try to guess where Kirito is? HAHAHA

At long last, Kirito is standing (upside down) on the circle (which suppose to open after you clear the quest) with no idea what to do next (awwwwww, dang it!). I told you dude, this game is trolling you, even Yui knew it!щ(ಥДಥщ)


Oberon’s a cheater!!!щ(ಥДಥщ)

But hey, all hope is not lost! Remember the card? Yes, the Administrator Card that fell from the sky? Yui can transcribe it (which is weird considering she said in episode 22 that you need a console to use it, and she CAN’T use it. hmmmmm?!). So she did her best to pass the message to the unbending piece of rock that is in-between her Mommy and Daddy. FINALLY, Kirito and Yui will be (or supposed to be) transported to where the Asuna is. End.

Now, that episode is fast. I must say I got pretty confused here with what I would like to feel about each characters. So, the anime is going to end at episode 25, I think I’m going to start reading the manga now. Just two more episodes and we will say bye-bye to SAO (except if there will be a second season or so? Hopefully?). But, dude! Really!? Just two more? Isn’t it too fast? We’re just reaching the climax here you know! Oh well, just gonna wait for episode 24. Till next post!

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