Watching | Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun – Episode 10

cover_tonThis is Episode 10. And it all started with a very suspicious invitation…

to1This is something that popped out of Shizuku’s locker and soon found in her bag. A very mysterious (not really) invitation for a christmas party from Summer X (Natsume).

Background: Remember Yamaken? The golden hair boy whom Haru asked if he’s in love with Shizuku? Remember what he said? He nonchalantly answered, “Is that a problem?”. That specific answer is the catalyst for Haru to be like a dog protecting his territory. Poor Haru. LOL. (#+_+) Look!!


Haru is really like a dog barking at everyone who looks at his owner. Funny Funny FUNNY! Well, they were shopping here for the christmas party organized by Natsume (who was confronted by Shizuku about the invitation and admitted she was Summer X). They were going to a fast food restaurant for chicken, when…


…they saw Yamaken! (ノ´∀`*)ノ (all hail Yamaken!!) There, Mabo and Tomio saw Natsume and decided to harass her into inviting her for the party. While Shizuku tried to ask Yamaken if he would like to join, Haru decided to become really territorial and said that Yamaken will not come. This caused Yamaken to get irritated and say that he WILL come. Which led on to Haru saying that Yamaken SHOULD NOT come because he is IN LOVE with Shizuku. Thus, making every characters within the zone, turn to stone. o(≧∇≦o) (That’s long, phew!) And to change everyone to normal, Yamaken decided to tell the biggest lie…


Doesn’t he reminds you of Haruno Sakura (in Naruto) whenever she’s battling her inner demon. LOL

The funny thing is… HE LOOKED SO CONVINCING! EVERYONE believed him! What a great liar, you Yamken, you! o(≧∇≦o) So everything went alright and Haru decided to join in buying chicken; while Shizuku took entrance fee from Yamaken and George (who unexpectedly gave it quickly).

Let’s go to the Batting Center owned by Mitsuyoshi (<—— who was not informed that the party will be held in his establishment. LOL). Everyone went there talking about how scary Mitsuyoshi is but in the eyes of Natsume, he isn’t scary but a prince. (awww, young love! (◕‿◕✿)

At the school, Sasayan (who was on his way to the batting center) invited Ooshima to the party really persuasively. When they arrived, Ooshima was freaked out about how weird it is that she felt like she’s the weird one instead. (What?!) But Mitsuyoshi and Sasayan just gave a really good advice…


Then, through the party, Sasayan and Yamaken reminisce about their middle school days with Haru (<————-doesn’t remember a thing, I don’t know why…) who decidedly and bluntly but unintentionally and unconciously stake his claim to Shizuku.


Oh cruel cruel UNREQUITED LOVE! I feel for you Ooshima and Yamaken….

The look of those two people in the right side is really heart breaking wouldn’t you say? LOL

Anyways, Shizuku said that the winter seminar is coming and she’s going. Yamaken also said he’s going (because he doesn’t like to lose to Haru, what a reason to go!). That Shizuku stared at him with the shining eyes of a rival. That Haru decided to ask Mitsuyoshi to go to the seminar but got no funds. (Poor Haru! Hahaha)

Well, when Shizuku and Yamaken by themselves (actually Natsume  is at the other side listening) at the couch. Shizuku(<—-a very oblivious girl) decided to thank Yamaken (<——-prideful guy who like her) for helping her reach a decision about Haru. But Yamaken now retracts his statements before and said that it’s just too early and too soon to finally reach a decision. However, Shizuku didn’t get the hint (Natsume did, though) and  was confused with how Yamaken is acting.

Natsume decided to confront Yamaken but failed to do so and making Ooshima sad along the way. (<—-this scene is really funny, help yourself in watching it, LOL) Yamaken decided to go outside and arrange his entry to the winter seminar. Haru went back from an errand and saw no one at the couch (especially, Yamaken and Shizuku) so he decided to find them. He found Yamaken.


This is how Haru Confronted Yamaken. Yamaken was goading Haru asking if Shizuku actually tells him that she likes Yamaken more, what will Haru do. You see the lower left picture? Haru was willing to push Yamaken down the railings. *shivers*

*doki doki doki doki* My heart felt like dropping for Yamaken on that scene. I was really scared for his life (I think, he was too!). Good thing, Shizuku found them and called out to Haru because she was going home. So Haru decided to come with her.

During their time together, Haru decided to compare Shizuku’s hair to that of a spider thread in a legend. (Akutagawa’s Spider Thread <—- try reading the story for reference on what Haru is talking about. He’s a genius!) Then, the time Shizuku waited for finally came.


Guys, this is a lesson learned! If you want to hear the words you are wishing your whole hearts to hear. Try a little honesty for a change.

However, Haru decided to become a very possessive jerk in this scene, telling Shizuku that because she loves him, she won’t come to the winter seminar. (Dang it, Haru! Why’d you have to say that and ruin everythin?! ( TДT)) This caused Shizuku to get mad and really shouted at Haru; while Yamaken is thanking every Gods they have that Haru is an idiot. (right, baka Haru! Baka!!)

That’s it! This episode is so fast phased and funny that I laughed my head out during the whole watch. The emotions of the characters are really shown here and though I got really frustrated with HaruXShizuku relationship (hey, don’t blame me! It was like they confessed with each other for a total of five times in a row and they haven’t got a clue what they are confessing at all. щ(ಠ益ಠщ) Anyways, I still am rooting for YamakenXShizuku love team (<—— I know it’s quite impossible… LOL). Still, a wonderful episode at that! I am anticipating the next episode with my heart beating wildly for more SCARY Haru scenes.

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