Watching | Sword Art Online – Episode 22

You got it right Yui! The very same card you used in SAO~
Hullo! This is Sword Art Online Episode 22. It takes off right after episode 21 where Yui caught Asuna’s ID on top of the Tree. And, Kirito just took off without a care. I must say that this is quite an emotional episode…。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

After Kirito flew all around Arun to reach the top of the Tree, Leafa soon followed him; cautioning him of the barrier put by the GM to make sure that no players can easily get on top without doing the secret event adventure.
Well, Kirito wants the fastest way around so he continued on bumping the barrier trying to break through it (…as if! (;¬д¬)) So he got pushed back as much as he pushes on the barrier and Leafa came to his rescue… again~ And then, Asuna heard Yui called out to her, she decided to drop the access card. Which Kirito received, speculating that it was thrown by Asuna.
What a beautiful art piece~ ^_^
When he really though he could not break through it (finally!!!), he decided to do the adventure quest. So he intentionally fell back down and flew around again to reach back the entrance of the quest. Leaving Leafa behind… again! (He made it hard for himself, if he just went according to plan… he wouldn’t have lost time going on top of the tree… really!)
Kirito in serious mode before he enters the hall. LOL
So he accepted the quest (solo as usual), and went inside the hall unprepared. (I think he really should’ve relied on Leafa more here… he kinda made his move without thinking resulting to the following scenes…)

The most frustrating moment in a gamer’s life when s/he is supposed to have reached the goal but ended up beaten….щ(ಥДಥщ) dang!
Kirito as a ghost. (I told you so! You should’ve waited for Leafa…{{|└(>o< )┘|}})
So you see, every portal there (more than a thousand I think…) summons a fairy guard which will then mob you to death. And, with Kirito’s insane pride that he can beat the quest… he ended up dead. *sigh*
You see… when a gamer smiles this way… make sure you run to the other direction!!! He’s going to do something crazy~
Anyway, for the third time in a row, Leafa came to the rescue. (Really, Kirito… how much man can you be?!) Then, something really unfortunate happened…

Oooops! Leafa realized that Kirito is her onii-chan!!! Dang it! o( ><)oNow, now, Suguha don’t break down on me…

The hardest, most hurtful, and heart breaking words a man could say.

Yep, Kirito also realized that Suguha and Leafa is one and the same. (Take that!) But, he thought Suguha was angry because he used the NerveGear again. (REALLY!? Are you kidding me?! Misunderstanding that much?! щ(ಠ益ಠщ)) So he decided to log out to make sure Suguha is alright. Finally the confession/confrontation/breaking-of-heart scene. (My tears… I cried for Suguha… I feel for you… o(╥﹏╥)o… How can you be that cruel Kirito…?) The end.

*screech!* Why do good guys always know how to say sorry, do the right thing and break your heart at the same time? I know! Kirito didn’t do anything wrong, and Suguha just fell in love with the same person twice. But, hell… I just feel for Suguha… big time! *sniffles*

Anyways, I am eagerly awaiting for the next episode. What will happen between Leafa/Kirito team-up? How will Kazuya/Suguha relationship continues? Till next post!!

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