Movie Review | Rise of the Guardians

Directed by: Peter Ramsey
When the evil spirit Pitch launches an assault on Earth, the Immortal Guardians team up to protect the innocence of children all around the world.

I watched this movie with my two best friends and we weren’t disappointed. The funny thing is that, although this is a children’s type of movie, all the other people watching it are either adults or senior citizens. So, I think this movie captures all ages of movie viewers.

Here goes my ratings…[spoilers ahead]

5Visual/Special Effects: 

What can I say, Dreamworks always produces outstanding movies in terms of graphics and special effects. Even during the prologue of the movie, you can see how smooth the virtual animation and how realistic the effects. Even the people, though size may not be too realistic, is quite real in terms of movements and even the facial expressions. I bow down to you!!


I must say, the background music supports the outstanding visuals shown in the movie. However, more often than not, they are just instrumentals… very ordinary with virtual animated movies. Though, the BGM really helps you feel the emotions of the characters… I am expecting more of an original soundtrack that may prove memorable with such an epic movie. Nevertheless, the BGM compliments the visuals; therefore, still good work!


This might be my child-like personality showing but… I LOVE THE SCRIPT! Though it may not have really memorable quotes or lines (hence, the rating) … How each characters interact with each other really goes under my skin. The whole script gave a new image for most of the characters but still preserves their essence. The names of some characters were also changed far from what we usually know, but still it symbolizes whatever their character really is.


What can I say, I was really moved by the story. Though it may not be as original as I though it would be, but it’s something refreshing and quite exciting to watch. The cliche would be really obvious if you watched the movie (won’t tell ’cause I’ll be spoiling some chewy bits). Nevertheless, it made me — us, believe to all the childhood fantasies. (i.e. Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Sandman, Frost, and even Boogey Man). It also made me happy that even the Guardians can forget some simple things that they themselves love to do (like, having fun with children). The story made me cry, laugh (so hard, I almost got out of my sit), reminisce and believe. (I hope Jack Frost could visit me someday. LOL) This is one hell of a story! (Though, haven’t read the two novels where this is based on.)


Hey! I’m telling the truth! (Not because Chris Pine voice over Jack Frost or something. LOL) The characters are quite excellent! They may not be, as what I’ve said earlier, what we are used to but hey, they are still who they are. Like North (yeah well, he’s Santa Claus), he might not look soft and cuddly like what we are used too but he’s the same old guy with a white beard that gives wonder to every simple gift. Bunny (Easter Bunny) who looks a lot like a warrior than a messenger or fluppy type (though, he looked like puss in boots in one of the scenes. LOL) but he’s still someone who enjoys hiding eggs and giving hope to children. Tooth (Tooth Fairy) maybe an obsessed green looking fairy (more like a mocking bird) but still she would gladly exchange your tooth for safekeeping with a gold coin. Sandy (Sandman) who really didn’t talk at all… (I’m so amazed with how they did it) but you can see him weaving good dreams into the minds of children. Pitch Black (Boogey Man, who looks like Voldemort or Snape) really is scary. And, Jack Frost (I always imagine Frosty the Snow Man) who is invisible but always gives the spirit of fun during winter is one hell of guy! So, my hats are thrown down for you all.


Hey! It’s an all star cast! So, hell yeah… EXCELLENT WORK! Great actors and actresses finally made me believe that you might not see them in the screen but they are still excellent with their work. Their emotions are put into their voices flowing to the audience. I do believe we feel for you guys~ ❤


The ending is quite enjoyable but I might have been expecting something more. Though, I really think it is really REALLY good! (or is it just my child-like personality talking?) But, I love how Jack Frost left the message of “if the moon tells you something… always believe in it”. Nice one!


In a nutshell, I fell in love with the movie! I love the story, the characters, and everything! So this is one hell of a recommendation. Please watch it and let yourself believe again!!

There! I hope this helps! ❤

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