Watching | Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun – Episode 9

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!]

This is already my 9th episode. However, this is my first time writing a summary/review about Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. The reason is that I can’t help myself but share my opinion with this specific episode. (Read to understand… 〜(^∇^〜)) I love the manga (still waiting for an update) and loving the anime series already. It’s a romantic comedy with a twisted psychological imbalance. LOL. 

Background (episode 8): Mizutani Shizuku and Yoshida Haru finally got their feelings in check during the cultural festival (about 1 whole month ago). This is where Yamaken (Yamaguchi Kenji) gave Shizuku an advise about facing her problems head on, and poor Natsume Asako took the brunt of Shizuku’s emotional confusion. Anyways, after all things said and done. Shizuku promised to think more about the relationship between her and Haru.

Here we go, one month later. Shizuku woke up with Haru in her bedroom. (LOL, now that’s disturbing!!) And, later on learns that their store went bankrupt (because of her pitiful father… I feel for you, Shizuku!). Then, she heard Sasayan (Sasahara Souhei) talking with Haru about what couples should do if they really like together. (Boy talks…hmmmm) Asako then waved for Shizuku and the boys became silent. (Guilty!) Shizuku realizes that she left Haru hanging for a month now and decided to act on it. She invited Haru out on a gentle stroll and told her some memories about the past. Haru (really oblivious) misinterpreted the metaphor Shizuku told him about the pet fish, so he decided to catch a really REALLY big crayfish. (It’s NOVEMBER!!)

Anyhow, Shizuku decided to leave Haru be and went to the library. Coincidentally, this is the very same library that Yamaken went to and is currently getting lost.

Sasayan (who’s with Asako at a Doughnut cafe) called Haru to ask where they went. Asako saw some of her former schoolmates who bullied her and got really nervous. Sasayan asked what’s wrong but Asako just continued trembling and saying sorry. Fortunately, Misawa Mitsuyoshi came to the rescue. (This made him looked a lot like a prince with flowery background to Asako’s eyes. Awww, love! ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ)

Back to Yamaken (who already asked the lobby five times where to find the economic books… poor guy, always getting lost へ(>_<へ)). He finally found the section for economics, when he saw someone… Shizuku! (Shizuku in bathing in the sunset… something Yamaken never realized could make his heart doki doki… awww love… (。♥‿♥。)) Then, Shizuku and Yamaken got into a really awkward small talk that ended up with Yamaken advising Shizuku on how to balance Haru and her studies. (That’s quite funny!!) Then, Shizuku laughed and Yamaken finally fell. (Phew, Yamaken’s so easy… with a little smile and “interesting” comment from Shizuku… his cool demeanor faded and he just became an ordinary guy who doesn’t know a dang thing about girls… awww, love (。♥‿♥。)).

So, Shizuku (an oblivious girl who didn’t know that she just made someone fall in love with her) went home via bus thanking Yamaken (the boy who fell in love, even though he really didn’t plan to). Yamaken got really confused and finally realize that Shizuku left her study-bug-pen with him.

Shizuku, Haru, Asako and Sasayan met at the river. Yamaken passing by in a taxi saw Shizuku and decided to just give back the pen and nothing more. (Not realizing, Shizuku is still talking with Haru who’s hanging at the railings near the river.) When Yamaken saw Haru suddenly pops out, he slowed down and waited for Shizuku and the others to go home. He then threw the pen to Haru, who immediately became suspicious…

That’s what I call fighting spirit!! (^_^d) Go go go Yamaken-kun! And so the troublesome love triangle comes to life. End of episode.

THAT is the reason why I want to write this review/summary… I wanted to share that specific scene. Haru, who finally realizes his feelings for Shizuku (ep. 6-7), and Yamaken (7-9), who continuously denies his attraction and doki-doki moments with Shizuku, finally confronted each other. This what makes the whole series interesting! Haru is definitely mentally challenged due to traumatic childhood, and Yamaken who always have everything he has without challenge, now faces a very oblivious girl who doesn’t know about his real feelings. Haru who NEEDS Shizuku and Yamaken who LIKES Shizuku. Hmmmm, who do you want to end up with? LOL.

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