Watching | Sukitte Ii Na Yo – Episode 8

Every person’s dilemma when it comes to love… >.<

[ I finished watching episode 8 yesterday but I am just posting it today because of some unpredictable events. SPOILERS AHEAD]

This is “New to Love” Episode 8 of Sukitte Ii Na Yo. This is where all negative thoughts and doubts come to mind. Something that everybody can relate with.

The story starts with the aggressive Mei kissing Yamato in the hallway with everyone as audience. This is because she wants to stake a claim with Yamato. She felt insecure with the continuous rumor about Megumi  and Yamato being seen together. (Well, that’s just because Megu is so sly and cunning while Yamato is a nice guy to a fault and really oblivious… dang it… ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ) Anyways, after the really looooooooooooooooooong kiss, Mei became self conscious and ran away. Leaving a very shocked Kurosawa-kun behind…

Yamato not prone to a very aggressive Mei-chan. LOL. ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)

So the story continues with Yamato asking Mei to go home with him. They did finally went home and then Yamato decided to tease Mei about the kiss. But Mei was soooooo shy, she called Kurosawa’s look creepy… which insulted Kurosowa and he left Mei.  (Really, why can’t just they speak with each other like normal couples do…(>.<;)) *sigh*

Mei-chan’s moping time with her insecurities and aggressive tendencies was next. Mei continues her dilemma [about what she’s feeling and what she said] in her bedroom gaining her no sleep at all. The next morning, she looked like hell. (literally)

This reminds me of how we (my two best friends ever and myself) look at each other when we see one of us needing some cheering up~(=^・ω・^)y=

That’s how Aikawa and Asami look like when they saw Mei-chan looking a lot like hell. They asked what happened but still Mei didn’t like to bother them so she said, “Nothing”.. again. Then Asami gave Mei another cellphone strap, a limited edition 20th Anniversary of Land, which Kurosawa also has. So, Mei quickly put on the strap with the furry ball strap, and looked for Yamato. When she found him, she heard the other girls talking about the rumor.. again. (dang it!) Mei decided to go home early and alone, which Aiko and Asami didn’t like one bit. Therefore, Aikawa (who’s the bravest among the three) dared to confront Yamato with the matter at hand.

Finally, Yamato realizes his fault because of Aiko.. but still denies it. LOL. Typical. ヽ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

Still, Yamato is saying that they done nothing wrong. He and Megu-chan are not at all involve. They just ate and nothing more. (Yamato-kun, I don’t know if is it me, or are you kind of guilty with your reasons? A guy who already got a girlfriend should never dream less really do eat with another girl alone for consecutive days… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand not telling it to your girlfriend… *sigh* (¬▂¬)) Anyways, Aikawa explained it to Yamato by sighting example, like if Mei met up with some other guy [alone] without telling Yamato, even if they done nothing, how would Yamato feel?? So finally, Yamato realizes his mistake and quickly tries to apologize to Mei. He tried all places Mei could have come, but unsuccessfully.

Meanwhile, Mei was working a little earlier than her shift at the bakery when a person (who looks like a deliquent/yakuza hybrid) walks in. He [the person] then picked several breads and went to the counter to pay. There he saw the limited edition Land 20th Anniversary key chain… he then became downright weird and scary. LOL. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Let me introduce my favorite character… *drum rolls*

NOW, you know his name! His appearance in this series is to be anticipated. LOL

Kai-kun!!! Kyaaaa~ ❤ The love rival comes! Beware Yamato-kun, oh, and you also know him from the past. Hehe.

So there you have Kai, a newly transferred 1st year at Mei’s school. And, an otaku of anniversary items, especially of Land. O(≧▽≦)O

Make sure you wait for his every air time. Because, I promise you, it’ll always be worth your while.

Anyways, back to the story…

Mei-chan finally got off work and is currently walking home, when she felt so alone and sad and started to cry. She rubbed her eyes but then an unfortunate accident happened and the couple bracelet that Yamato gave, broke. That’s when Yamato finally caught up with Mei…

Living Dead. A person who is alive and breathing physically but is numb and quite dead emotionally. Mei is a perfect example, especially in this scene.

(I thought you would never realize it. dang!) That’s how it is… but Mei just said “I’ve had enough”. This caused Yamato to be scared (dang right, you should be scared!! щ(ಠ益ಠщ)) Mei decided to make a monologue with all the feelings she kept ever since she started liking Yamato. Kurosawa saw the broken bracelet and tries to pick all pieces, Mei also helped but is still struggling with her own overflowing emotions. Yamato saw the tears of Mei and started crying and hugging Mei. This made Mei realize that even Kurosawa is new to this kind of love. Even Yamato, someone very popular, does not really handle relationships very well.

Phew. This is one of the most frustrating episode I have ever watched up to date with Sukitte Ii Na Yo. Why? Because I feel what insecurities and doubt Mei feels. The inferiority, jealousy, and distrust which are all typical emotions felt in a popular/wallflower couples. The hurt and misunderstanding between a thoughtless guy and a bashful/worrywart girlfriend. If I’m one of their friend, I would have definitely knocked both their brain out. They should just state whatever is bothering them in the first place to avoid conflict. However, I do understand that different persons will take care of different situation differently. But still… *sigh*

So, there’s Episode 8… now, I am awaiting Episode 9. Till next post!! ヾ(^∇^)

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