Watching | Sword Art Online – Episode 21

Welcome to Arun, ALFheim’s Capital City!

This is Episode 21 of Sword Art Online!! Woohoo! Finally! ┏((= ̄(エ) ̄=))┛
Alrighty! So, as far as this episode is concern, Asuna escaped and is now trying to find her way out of the Tree, when she encounters this…
Virtual BRAINS!!! ewwwww… they are brains of all the players in ALFheim… insane Oberon (Sugou Nobuyuki) designed this lab… (;¬_¬)
Wow, so many brains… ugh. So, Asuna found this and went “WHAT THE HELL?!” but can’t do anything about it. She continued her journey in the lab until she saw a very familiar cube, the very same GM console Yui used in SAO game to override the program. She then tries to immitate how Yui made the console controllable, by swiping the card in the middle of the cube. (REALLY, bright! LOL) But then two slimy slugs appeared and tried to stop her…
and the scene that follows are quite disturbing… ~(>_<。)\

I don’t know about you… but this scene looks like something that came out of a Hentai episode… (✖╭╮✖)
I know Asuna is a perv but she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this by those slime balls… well, maybe if Kirito did this… it would be way WAY better… Anyway, it’s still something that woke me up when I was watching this episode. LOL. Way to go! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ
Oh! And while this scene is happening in ALFheim, Kirito and Suguha were visiting Asuna at the hospital. Moreover, Suguha gets to realize her own feelings and predicament while watching Kirito/Kazuya (really, I got comfortable calling Kazuya… Kirito even in the real world… LOL) hold Asuna’s hand.
Back to Asuna, she did escape by biting the tentacle that came close to her mouth. (Yep, the picture over there ^) However, it’s just a temporary relief because as soon as Slime Slug #2 came back after reporting to Slime Lord Oberon, Asuna was put back to her place… in her cage… with a renewed pass. Dang it!!(#`д´)ノ But she got the card from the console, way to go!! (Though, I don’t know how she did it, just that she did!)
After Asuna’s tentacle scene, Leafa (Suguha) went online and Kirito is there to welcome her…

You are thinking that and crying your heart out to your BROTHER!! My gawd Kirito, why’d you have to be so nice with all … ALL the girls in the game… (;≧皿≦)

The story went on with them on the way to the Tree’s trunks, when Yui suddenly spoke that a character’s ID… specifically, Asuna/Mommy… is just above them (pointing at the Tree… well, duh?!). So, Kirito being Kirito, flew up unprepared. End of Episode 21.
Phew. This is such an interesting episode considering perv Asuna being harrased by Slime Slug Minion #1 and #2 (but mostly just #1) creating a hentai scene enactment. And, the irony of Leafa/Suguha crying for and to the same person she is in love with. Great episode as usual! I am eagerly waiting for more!!! ❤

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