Random Rantings #8


What can I say… “If you want it, there’s always a way…”(o-^_^-o) WordPress.com suspended me again for the second time in a row… just because I put a link as a disclaimer with the photo/scan I have included in my post.

Now, I’m going to just sit back and wait (⇀ ↼ ) how many days before they put my site back online… again! *sigh*

But, no matter… I still have this blog to post to~ So, what can you say WP… I just can’t myself and I’m dancing right now because I have found a way to move all my post there to here.. *evil laugh* “ψ(`∇ ´)ψ

So, till next post again. (^ Q ^)/゛ From truly yours.

That’s what I posted in my blogger because I don’t understand why I’m being suspended for posting disclaimers 😥

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