Manga Read | Completed | Arakure – Fujiwara Kiyo

I never thought, it’ll end so fast.. I’m going to miss this series.. Hopefully, there’s still Arakure 2. ❤

And now, I just finished the manga truly and completely. It ended at Volume 10 with 56 chapters on the count. I finished it within 3-1/2 days of addiction. Honestly, just like the manga Ouran High Host Club, I would not want it to end. Unfortunately, every great things will always have some great end. *sniff sniff* o(╥﹏╥)o

So, let’s summarize everything I remember so far and then I’ll give you my verdict~

First things first, my first two summaries give you more than half of what happened in the whole series. Now, after the AsumaXRaku scene in Volume 8, everything goes back to the usual everyday hilarious and oblivious day-to-day events. Until some chapters in between Volume 9 and 10 where Asuma gave Sa-chan, Raku’s New Year’s Card from 10 years ago. This is the time when Sa-chan realized that Raku and the sad boy she met from the past are one and the same. (Phew, it’s anti-climactic but really sweet scene…ヽ(;▽;)ノ)

So, after so 10 Volumes, Raku and Sachie became officially a couple. (Although, Raku still calls himself “her caretaker”… ヽ(´ー`)┌ well, whatever, Raku.. WHATEVER!) Then, of course, there’s still the topic of him going to T-University and living with his dad which then complicates their relationship for a year because Sa-chan still has one more year to go before graduating. Nevertheless, they still got sweet, lovey-dovey, heart stopping, drool falling scenes before Raku goes away and such. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

Then, there comes the graduation ceremony which Sa-chan almost missed due to some inconvenience and misunderstandings. (Yeah, this manga are full of those. LOL) But, as usual, all is well that ends well. And you can see from the picture above, it’s a very happy ending. ~(^◇^)/


Here goes my verdict!

Plot/Story: 4.5 

In my earlier post, I already said that though it may look like your typical shoujo manga but you try to read it and you may see some unique scenes that’s not so typical. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ Anyway, the story is cute and very original with yakuzas and everything else. With the life and dilemmas of a caretaker. True friendship, love, hope, and family comes in all forms in different scenes in this manga.  The ending is as I’ve discussed, VERY HAPPY and concluded. (But, I still want to have Arakure 2!! (=^-ω-^=))

Characters: 4.5

I don’t know but you may call me biased and all…but I love the characters, especially with Sa-chan~ (idk, if is it just me but she looks like a Yandere to me~) and of course, Raku with his I’m-your-caretaker routine. Asuma who is just toooo naughty to be nice, and of course the Asagi Clan who are tooooo overprotective with their hime. The characters are very lovable and funny. They may look so ordinary but if you read on the manga you may will see the depth of each and every characters.

Art/Visual: 4.5

If I didn’t know for sure that Kamisama Hajimemashita is written by a different mangaka, I would’ve swear they were both drawn by the same artist. The whole manga is very nice to the eyes and very well drawn. The scenes and situations are easy to follow and understood. (Just my opinion though, Nanami and Sachie, almost look identical at some point… just some thought LOL. Even their personalities are almost the same, it’s just that Sa-chan has the yakuza aura.) But all in all, I love how the whole series was drawn.

Overall: 4.5

And there you have it, a very nice 4.5 for everything. As far as I know, it might not be my favorite manga (which will always be Ouran High Host Club, teheeeheee) but will always be one of the greatest addiction for me to have read.

There you have it folks, I hope you could read it and give me some of your thoughts. Till next post!! Have a nice read~

Disclaimer: Photos/Scans –

PS. Another post that got me suspended… T_T

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