Manga Read | Completed | Sono Me, Kuchi Hodo Ni (One-Shot)


Alternative Title: Your Eyes Speak to Me
A manga created by Nanao Mio
Disclaimer: Photos/Scans – Sound of Jewels Scanlations &

[*warning* spoilers ahead]

The main characters in the story would be Sekiguchi Aoi  & Toujyou.  The situation would be Toujyou bluntly proposing marriage to Aoi in a cafe after their initial meeting. Aoi taking us down in her memory lane, she took care of an elder man, who actually left a will stating his grandson will marry Sekiguchi Aoi. The grandson is proved to be Toujyou, himself. However, Aoi already has a boyfriend which she pointed out to Toujyou, but Toujyou countered it by saying, he already knows. Thus, Aoi asked for explanation which the guy gave willingly, saying he already checked Aoi’s background. (Okay! Stalker much?! LOL) Anyway, it came back to another failed proposal of marriage and an argument about Aoi’s useless boyfriend, who is Yui by the way. Oh by the way, Toujyou is a really shy guy when it comes to Aoi… later you’ll find out why, but first see what Aoi did to make sure Toujyou looks at her…


So, it continues. Everyday, Toujyou tries to visit Aoi always asking and requesting that she marries him.

^THAT is one hell of determination. LOL

Until one day, Aoi received a call from useless bf asking her to send money. This made Aoi doubt their relationship but still goes on ignoring every warning instincts. (How stupid can you get?) That’s when Aoi and Toujyou also got into an argument about the will and how he never really needed her. So Toujyou being Toujyou left. However, the same routine of proposing and declining continues, until Yui (dang, arrogant prick!) called asking for money. Aoi decided to check out where he is when she heard the background voice of the campaign she’s watching just across the street from the cafe window. There she heard, how she was fooled by the guy who doesn’t even consider her a girlfriend.


^how cool is that guy?! *day dreaming* I hope someone can do that to me someday..

Toujyou came and rescued her by beating up the guy, but ended up the one beaten.


^ NOW, I just wanna say … “Toujyou kun… Atashi…Suki!” kyaaaaa~ ❤

 Anyway, the story continues with the same routine, until Aoi saw Toujyou with another woman (oooooh…). Now, Aoi was invited by Toujyou for a small talk, which Aoi completely misunderstood since the beginning because of how Toujyou would avoid her eyes (which for me is completely normal, because duh!? The guy’s shy!!). Toujyou told her about the practical joke (which isn’t funny, at all?!) played by his grandfather. With Aoi, mistress of misunderstanding, put words into Toujyou’s mouth like he doesn’t need her anymore or so, made him very angry and put out that he walked out.

^ Aoi no baka!! *grrrrr*


Aoi, finally (yes~ FINALLY) understood her real feeling followed and told Toujyou her fears and needs. 




After they worked out their difference and Toujyou stating that even before they met, he was already in love with Aoi, it ended with a sweet kiss.


 And a funny bashful moment for Toujyou. Fin.




Okay! So here’s the very short…ahmm-hmm… yeah short summary of Sono Me, Kuchi Hodo Ni. I never liked full romance manga but with this one-shot, I may have to rethink my opinion about dropping them as fast as a gun can shoot. I loved how fast phased and compact this manga is; nevertheless, the plot is full, funny and direct to the point that some audience (like me!!) would love to have more! Well what can I say, if a guy showed me this face…


*nosebleed* Oh my, don’t be nervous, I don’t bite… unless you ask me too~ *lecherous grin*

  I wouldn’t mind if he’s always nervous. LOL. and if he showed me this face…

*doki doki* OmO, I think I just fell in love..

… dang it! I will be the one to propose to him right there and there!! *tries to stop nosebleed*


The characters are funny and quite compatible with each other, which made this a light manga but not bland. This unique situation with unique conditions such as Aoi’s need for altruism and Toujyou’s tendency to be too blunt, are just some of the best points in this story. If I could petition Mio sensei, I would ask her to have a serialized volume for this. However, I do understand that she already concluded the story at the end. But, hey, unless there’s no paper left to draw or write, there won’t be a definite ending to any stories, right? So, I’m still keeping my hopes up!


This is a one-shot romance manga, I would recommend! You definitely won’t regret reading it!


Last note: So sorry if it is far too long~ I just enjoyed doing a summary and review for this manga~ don’t take it against me too much! ^_^

Last Last note: This is the post, that got me suspended… and I don’t really understood why… >.< *face palms* Anyways, enjoy reading!

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