Manga Addiction | Sneak Peek | Arakure – Volume 8, Chapter 48

Never talk about confessions with a guy [especially if you are a guy yourself — *pupupu*] in front of other guys… LOL

As you can see, I’m currently on Volume 8 of the manga Arakure! And, I can’t help but laugh at this specific scene…

This is the chapter where Inui Asuma just confessed his feelings to Sachie. Well, for background purposes, in the earlier chapter Asuma texted Rakuto that he will confess to Sa-chan but for some reason, he got no reply. He confessed anyway and made sure that Sa-chan understood that he meant it in a very special way.

So, as far as the chapter goes, Asuma is frustrated on how Rakuto always looks so nonchalant and calm in the midst of a crucial situation. Therefore, he can’t help himself but try to bully Rakuto into admitting his feelings for Sa-chan. However, Rakuto still tries to cling onto the “I am her caretaker” philosophy, even when he himself is getting confused. (Stubborn much, Raku?! *sigh*)

Meanwhile, Sa-chan is also getting quite confused on how to answer Asuma’s confession, even though she really knows the answer already. (What can I say, the girl is definitely oblivious~ LOL) So, she asks her classmates what being “special” means. (When I read what her classmate told her, maybe they could simplify it to just a single word “LOVE”. But maybe not… LOL, especially if they need more pages.)

After all the explanations about being special, Sa-chan heard about a tennis match being done between Raku and Asuma. (Yeah, fight for the one you love!!) So she ran to the court.

Back to the RakuXAsuma scene. *grins* As you can see in the picture above, Asuma is has a very big mouth and he talks a lot about his confession to Raku… which is not really directed at Raku but for Sa-chan… which was mistakenly misunderstood by all the boys present as a love confession of Asuma TO Raku. (Dang! That’s confusing… LOL. Lesson learned: Never confess in public… ooops! I mean never TALK  about confessions with a friend of the SAME gender in public..)

Anyhow, all’s well that ends well… Rakuto finally admitted his own feelings — about Sa-chan — to Asuma. Well, it was also misinterpreted. (But, way to go in getting yourself in a pinch Asuma! Now, your rival is serious.)

and, Sa-chan also misunderstood what happened between the AsumaXRaku scene~ LOL

And this looks like a little too guilty… *pupupupu*

“Why are you two blushing??” LOL

That’s end of Chapter 48. (Now, I know why certain bloggers like to narrate or summarize manga per chapter… it’s so much FUN! But, still can’t do that… still have my entire life to practice, though~ Never give up!)

So I’m going to get back reading the next chapter now. Till next pos! (^__^)V


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