Game Addiction | Ayakashi Ghost Guild


This is a fantasy card game application for android. Summary would be, you’re a ghost agent trying to be #1 and you go on different missions to achieve this. Through this mission, you’ll encounter different ghost which you can obtain if you defeat them and negotiate correctly. BTW, there are three kinds for you to choose from Phantom (ghosts and monsters from myths and legends), Anima (spiritual objects from epics and legends), and Divine (gods and goddesses or from similar origins of divinity). Those who love good visualization, especially manga and anime otakus, will definitely love this game. I do!

It’s quite addicting and fun to play. I can’t help but check my phone every 30 minutes so I could continue on doing battles or resuming the main story.

Plot/Story : 4
I have yet to finish the game. But so far so good! I’m at Story 5 Chapter 3, and up to know I’m learning a lot about Japan’s legendary horror stories. And the story itself is fast-phased and quite interesting. *checks game again*

Battle: 3.5
As far as any card game on android this day, nothings unusual or out of the ordinary. It’s battle system is very similar to other card games like: Diety Wars, Chain of Durandal and others such as. However, with its defense and attack pointing system, it can be frustrating or easy depending on how you allocate points. Nevertheless, a good and fast battle system.

Game Control System: 4
Easy to grasp and easy to learn the tricks. Within 30 mins, I’m feeling like I’ve played this game for months already. If you follow the instruction, you have nothing to be afraid about getting rich, having high summoned monsters, and all other privileges without having to pay for it. (To make matters clear, this is a free application and more often than not, you can get great ghosts even without buying coins or apples on their store) *thumbs up*

BGM/Music/Audio: 4
The BGM is very accordingly. I can tell when there’s going to be confusion, new mission, completed mission, climactic boss battle and such just by the music. So good!

Visual 4.5
Beautiful and simply amazing visuals.


As you can see, the ghosts you get are more of anime like than any other card games. (I included them in my cosplan, teeheeheehee)
Oh, try and add me for free gifts. That’s my ID ^ over ther on the pic.

I’ll try my best to progress on this game as much as possible… I’ll update this post whenever I progress. But as of now…

Overall: 4.3
The game is simply wonderful. I hope you’ll try it out.

My ign or ID: AkaneArizu
Add me when you first log in and you’ll receive freebies! 🙂 Have fun!

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