Watching | Sukitte Ii Na Yo – Episode 7


Friends never let you feel your pain alone.


This is a scene from the latest Sukitte Ii Na Yo – Episode 7, “I Really Love You”.

There comes a time when you feel all the negative emotions you try to avoid come crashing down on you. Misery, insecurities, inferiority, jealousy — when all of them combines, you will drown and break at the worst possible time. That is how we humans really are, we have flaws, we are not perfect. We can’t always make things go our own way whenever we feel like it. But, hey, don’t be distraught that’s what TRUE GOOD FRIENDS are for.

As you may have seen in the photo above, Mei is having trouble coping up with Yamato’s increase in popularity due to the lying-scheming-sly Megu-chan, the model/transfer student who is really obsessed-much with Yamato.

Background check. Mei and Yamato is going out. Mei just finished throwing off some obstacles along the way and thought that peace has finally come. Enters, Megumi. Megu-chan, as her fans call her, fell in love at first sight with Yamato. So, she decided to make a move. (Really, girl, you’re not too aggressive much?! [~_~#] I know it’s 21st century already but.. puh-lease…!) Yamato, my man Yamato, decided to be honest and turn her down. (Hooray! Someone teach her a lesson). So, Megu-chan decided to let him go for today… yes, just for that specific episode [6] scene. And, then the scheming part starts. First in the list would be —–> get Yamato to be with me all the time. So, Megu-chan invited Yamato to do a pictorial with her for a magazine which we will see the results here in episode 7. Then, let’s go to the current situation.

Now, Megu-chan finally is inside the circle of friends Mei and Yamato created for themselves. (I think that’s scheme list # 2, LOL) And, Mei-chan is much more insecure and feeling inferior as against Megu’s charm. *coughs*

Let’s move on. Megu-chan is slowly taking over Mei’s little kingdom. (Yes, this is what you call an inside job!! Dang it, Mei, fight!) So, Mei now feels sadder even when she’s with her friends. Yamato is also being slowly seduced unknowingly. (Yamato, where the hell is your common sense?? When you have a girlfriend you should never say the following words to another girlImage… dang it..)

And, the cat will always be out of the bag. *sigh* So, the following morning with Mei-chan, feeling miserable as ever, broke down when she heard  the rumor about Yamato coming out of Megu’s apartment yesterday… (Hey, what do you take the girl for… a stone? Of course, she’ll cry, give her a break. I wanna pick a fight with Megu-chan right there and there…) Here comes our girlfriends, Aika and Asami. (Go girl power! I remembered my two best friends here, *sniff sniff* I miss them.)


^ Mei pouring her heart out. Don’t worry Mei-chan, most of us have encountered the same thoughts as you have there… more than once.

So, as the heart-to-heart talk went, Mei finally got her resolve back and went on an aggressive mode.


^ Wohooo! You nailed it, girl!

The End. Just kidding, of course, this is just another calm before another storm. Dang it, that’s why I love this series. And here, I’ll introduce you to one of my favorite character in Sukitte Ii Na Yo.. *drum rolls*

ImageHmmm… watch out for him on Episode 8! The first encounter with him in the manga was so sweeeeeeeet, I can’t stop laughing. LOL.

PS. That’s right people! I have read the manga and loving it!! That’s the reason why I decided to watch the anime, but dang it, I’m shaking in my boots with the anticipation to the next chapter of the manga and the next episode of the anime. Oh, and I know what’ll happen next. *evil laugh*

PSS. Yes, the anime adaptation is not far from the original manga. It almost like the manga chapters are coming alive every time I watch the anime. So, good job there!! (^____^)d

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