Watching | Sword Art Online – Episode 20


And, why did Yui said this? LOL

Okay so, my first time blogging my insights about certain anime episodes. I choose you, SAO! RLOF

Anyhow, let’s get back to the topic.

[*warning* I’ll be posting some photos and discuss some scenes about the anime, so beware of spoilers.]

Episode 20 start off where Episode 19 left, obviously – duh?! LOL

So Kirito and Leafa goes on running away from ape-like monsters, sounds familiar…? Temple Run! Well, of course they are not in a temple, but in a cave… hmmm.. Cave Run?!

So, run and run with Leafa screaming like a banshee all the time. Yep, the first scene would be Leafa screaming her lungs out. Oh well, she’s always screaming anyways. *grins* Continuing on, they found the exit and well they flew, living those poor ape-like monsters falling down the cliff.

Then, it’s time to get back on track, because they are losing too much time and the Salamanders are going to attack the Cait-Sylph alliance meeting, with Alicia and Sakuya. (LOL, Cait = Cat… need to be much more obvious than that.) So, as usual, Kirito knows how to make a great entrance, no matter what. Moreover, he’s still a freak for a 1-v-1 combat. Hey, what can you say, same gamer different game. To make sure that the Salamanders cease attack, he asked to meet with the leader. So, here comes General Mortimer with 950sp for dual-sword skills. *shivers* He looks like Son Goku from Gensomaden Saiyuki that’s meaner, badder, larger, and uglier. LOL.

Fighting! Round one, goes to Mortimer and the -forgot the name- demon sword with a special ability. Round two, still goes for the son-goku-like-general but with Kirito doing his hocus-focus illusion spell of smoke bomb then, borrowing Leafa’s sword. Round two point five, is a draw!! Final round, goes to… *drum rolls*… Kirito!! Yay!! (watch the anime to know what happened, won’t tell you, LOL)

So, Mortimer was minced by Kirito’s dual sword skill… yeah, I mean minced… literally. (I told you watch it ^_^)

So, Sakuya revived Mortimer. The general believed Kirito’s non-sense about Undine-Spriggan Alliance. Salamanders left, introductions between the two leaders and Kirito is next. (Is it just me, or for at least 4 episodes since ALFheim arc… Kirito is the only Spriggan, I saw??)

And then this happens…


^ someone’s a little jealous… (>///<)


^ how come everybody looks innocent? Leafa, you’re the one who’s thinking something else… hmmm


^ Kirito… you lady killer, you! LOL. So guys, this is one way of being a nice guy and a greater player. Lesson: Know how to smile before you turn down and appreciate the offers<—–… yes with the “S”.


And, now we know why Yui, said that! *can’t stop laughing* Gawd, Kirito… you’ll be killed by Asuna when she finds out! LOL. Oh, and Asuna/Titania just escaped from her golden cage~ FINALLY!

Of course, there’s the Sigurd you-are-fired-from-your-position scene after Mortimer vs. Kirito event, but who cares about whatever happens to that scheming-lying-ex-sylph Sigurd anyway. Haha.

That’s it! Now, am just eagerly waiting for the next episode~ ❤

PS. Oh, btw haven’t read the manga yet, but is planning on it. Why? Well, I heard/read that the anime is too fast phased and it will end at episode 24, while in the manga… there are much more  cute and pervy-Asuna scenes which was left out in the TV series. So yeah, I’ll also try to make some reviews and views on the manga when I finally read it.

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