Random Rantings #2

My whole body aches… ouch!

I just woke up 3:24AM (GMT+8)… and I can’t stand up from my bed… How’d I typed this? Why, of course, while lying abed! LOL.


I feel sick. I really don’t like doing exams, I’m much more on practical hands-on things.

I was browsing through some anime sites so I could see the latest updates on latest series. And, I saw Sword Art Online (SAO) ep20, C0de Breaker ep7, Magi ep7, and Sukitte Ii Na Yo ep7 as already been released and ready for download. Yay! *moonwalks* I just couldn’t help myself and is currently downloading them all at the same time right now.

I usually download the lowest definition [480px] for the lowest possible file size which would be around 139 to 201 MB, depending on the anime series/episode. But when faced with a dilemma between [720px].mkv and .avi, I would most likely pick .avi because of the resolution and a very good file size. [720px] usually has 234 to 333 MB file size which is already quite large than .avi with the same definition with just 199 to 215 MB depending on the anime series/episode.

But, wait!! This is just a random ranting, so why am I discussing file size downloads here? Anyways, if the series is compact or you are downloading a full complete series, you might find out that there is much lesser file size per episode. However, I am a very impatient person, so whenever I see some interesting new series coming out, I download it per episode release. Well, everybody got their own preferences, I assume.

Oh my, why is this getting longer and longer??

Never mind, C0de Breaker and Sukitte Ii Na Yo just finished downloading, so yeah.. got to go~ ta ta! ^_^

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