Battery of Exams | Battered Mind

Ohmy… I just got home and barely able to lift my head from where I slouched… I feel so drained right now..

Okay, so I just finished a battey of tests about my critical thinking, personaloty, logical reasoning and etc. Then there’s what you call a technical exam that’s customized for the specific position/department you applied for. And yes, before we continue, I applied for a full time work. I won’t tell you… LOL. :))

Anyways, after the consecutive exams, you’ll be put in an interview with a staffing specialist. Ok, I think I did well with the interview but I think I didn’t do that well with the technical exam.

And right this very moment… ahmmm, aroung 6:53pm (GMT+8)… my mind is like… not working…

So hey, battered by battery of exams… I just hope I passed. *crossfingers*

Dang it, I don’t know what to write anymore, and my eyes are dropping down on me… (=_=;;) soooooo that’s all for now.

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