Movie Review | Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2


So, have you watched the final installment of the Twilight Saga? Yes, siree! I just saw the movie. (°^_^°)

Okay so here we go…

4.5Visual/Special Effects :
Fantastic work their sfx team! I love how you made it seem both surreal and genuine at the same time. Great visual effects since Harry Potter. So, love how you did it with the snow flakes but there are some flaws in some scenes like when Renesme’s catching the snowflakes, and when the vampires evacuated. But overall, my hats are on you!

The music carried it all, I must say! I love the arrangements and symphonies being played all throuhout the movie. It really fixes and it makes the feelings overflow in certain scenes. I especially liked the last scene when Bella is sharing her memories with Edward and “Thousand Years” is playing at the background. (;~_~;) Tears fell down.

I must say it’s both funny and emotional piece. Some parts ae perfect copy from the book and others are customized to fit some scenes. The funny moments made me laugh, especially when Jacob began to strip. *drools* Anyway, some scenes are a little bit too long and far fetched in contrast with how fast phased other scenes are. But all in all, it is good.

Well, if I could do the movie again, I would definitely like to see part 1 and part 2 combined. Because if you just watched part 2, some plot would be vague. Nevertheless, a good try to make sure that the stories align and is consistent with one another. But this also means that some scenes doesn’t really make sense or contribute much to the plot. However, before it became a movie saga, I already fell in love with the story. Although, I do admit some are really cliche.

Amazing casts as usual, since they are still the casts since the beginning. Bella is consistent throughout the movie and of course all he other main and supporting characters did their best. So yeah, great job Twilight crew! *thumbs up* (°w°)d

Good ending, although I was expecting more but it’s still good. It’s climax made us hold our breath and at the same time made us sigh with relief. An unexpected twist in the end never fails the audience. However, I thought they would make out more for the ending than just Bella sharing memories with Edward, but it did still made me feel a little bit satisfied with the lovely scene.

In a nutshell, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a success when it comes to being the most climactic and having the most memorable scenes for the Twilight Saga. It made us laugh, cry, reminisce, feel sad and relieved as we watch the film from beginning to end. And hands down to all of you. (^_^)

So there you have it, I hope I did this review and the movie justice. I enjoyed watching it, so I hope you too! :))

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